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The Ekklesia Worldwide  welcomes you to our online presence.  Look around and see what we are all about.  Our global communion is reaching the nations of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Peruse this site and prayerful consider how you and your ministry can become a part of this re-awakening of “The Called Out Assemblies of God.”

Already a part of our movement? Great!  Look around because we are constantly adding resources for you and your communities.  Coming soon is a powerful educational platform for training clergy and laity!


Our Vision

The Vision of The EKKLESIA Worldwide (hereinafter referred to as TEW) is the re-awakening of the EKKLESIA (The Called out Assemblies of God). To create a global communion of Christian churches and ministries, whose primary purpose is that of taking the Gospel to all nations and tongues (Matthew 28:19-20 KJV); to offer to HIS people, the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven through effective teaching and preaching of The Gospel, providing of shared resources, utilization of a mobile and digital Christian education platform, clergy and layperson missionary training support for the communities, where they live, work and worship.

Our Mission 


The Mission of The EKKLESIA Worldwide is to “Take The Gospel To The World” and to create a viable and engaging Christian entrepreneurial support network, by and for small churches, Bible studies, and community care groups and ministries. We believe small assemblies are the mechanism that offers a way forward for “Taking The Gospel To The World”. It is also our belief the world as a whole will benefit from the spiritual, educational, and economic support from this vehicle.

These mobile support communions shall be rooted in the Holy Scriptures and will enable each of the member ministries to carry out the vision, and missions, that are charged to them by Our Father in Heaven.

Message From ArchBishop Grady L. Murphy Sr.

Such experiences prepared the way

Such experiences prepared the way for the explosion .


During 2022 we will begin providing online training for leaders and those aspiring to become leaders.  Classes our being developed and this section of the website is coming soon! Below you can see the titles of several of the classes that will be offered.  If you would like more information as the institute continues in development please add your name and email below.

Intro to Ekklesia Worldwide

Foundations of Christian Faith

Introduction to the old testament

Introduction to the New Testament

The Power of Prayer

Essence of the Gospel

Jesus our healer today

Being Led by the Spirit

Supernatural Living through th Gifts of the Spirit

Power of Evangelism in The Third Decade of the 21st Century

Understanding What is Vision and How to Focus and Live Out the Vision

Biblical Leadership Within the Local Church and Ekklesia